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Tri-band New LCD Screen Repeaters
    Publish time 2018-12-25 11:47    
Tri-band New LCD Screen Repeaters

10~30dBm New LCD Screen Repeaters

Product Features

Isolation Inspection. When first power on the repeater, the device will automatically detect the isolation between the donor antenna and service antenna. The users could easier see the status and make the adjustment accordingly.
Input&Output Signal Strength IndicationThe specific number of uplink and downlink measured in dBm. Easy for users’ understanding.
Manual Gain Adjustment. The users or engineers could reduce the gain of the repeater manually via the buttons below the screen. The uplink and downlink gain could be set independently. 
Automatic Gain ControlAutomatic Gain Control (AGC) is a dynamic gain adjustment feature with 25dB range. AGC adjust the gain of the repeater whenever the output power is higher than the maximum power.
Smart ModeThe repeater could automatically change the gain according to the specific environment when the smart function is on. Please note that when the SMART is on, users could not able to set the gain manually.
Auto Shut DownWhen the input power exceeds AGC range on the DL or UL by 3dB, the AL-30 Series Repeaters would activate its advanced set safety mechanism: Auto Shut Down function. Auto Shut Down is a stage that temporarily stops the RF function. On the UL it will continuously detect the input power and resume RF function as soon as the input power reduces to a safe range. For the DL, it will make three attempts to detect the input power in this temporary stage. If the input power reduces to a safe range for the repeater to operate, the software would power the repeater back on and restore all functions promptly. However, if the input power remains too great and dangerous for the network, it will then shut down completely. In such case, the signal is too strong for the usage of the repeater.

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